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Profile: Elaine Emmerson

Elaine was awarded a Chancellor's Fellowship in 2017. Her research explores salivary gland regeneration.

Head shot of Elaine Emmerson

Being awarded a Chancellors Fellowship made me even more competitive for external grants.

Through the scheme,  I have been exposed to the breadth of exceptional research happening at  the University of Edinburgh and this has led to new collaborations and research directions. I’m now a leader in the field in my own right.  

I would like to find a strategy to restore salivary gland function to the many thousands of patients who survive gruelling head and neck cancer treatment but are then left with life-altering side-effects.

My research focusses on salivary gland regeneration but our data could be of interest beyond salivary gland biology, and lead to solutions applicable to any tissue damaged by radiotherapy; I can see the future value across many disciplines within medicine.  

 UKRI Innovation Fellow and Chancellor’s Fellow 

Institute: The Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Institute for Regeneration and Repair, University of Edinburgh. 

I was awarded a Chancellor’s Fellowship in 2017 and it was a critical step in realising my research ambition. Edinburgh is also an incredible place to live.