College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

Medical Detectives 2014

Join us for a series of public lectures that bring together many of the brightest minds in medicine to address some of the toughest questions in human and animal health.

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson

The Medical Detectives lecture series, which begins on 25 September, is inspired by the acclaimed author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, an alumni of Edinburgh’s Medical School.

This year’s talks will seek to unlock the mysteries of childhood epilepsy and stroke in adults, as well as shed light on the current allergy epidemic.

Our first lecture will look at man’s canine companion - the dog.

No other terrestrial species of animal is as diverse in its genetic make-up as man’s best friend - so, why and how did dogs evolve so rapidly and broadly?

Medical Detectives

For full details on the lecture series and to book tickets, visit the Medical Detectives website.

Medical Detectives

Event details

The lectures will take place at 6pm in the Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Teviot Place.

They are free, but registration is necessary.

The lecture series, now in it's sixth year, showcase the University’s internationally acclaimed biomedical research and reveal that detective work is still required to understand mysteries in this field.


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These events will be photographed and recorded for promotional and recruitment materials for the University and University approved third parties.