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Cash for cancer centre

The University’s Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre is one of 15 institutes to benefit from a £100 million UK-wide cash injection.

The investment marks the latest phase in the Cancer Research UK Centres network of excellence - a unique chain of research hubs that have been established across the country.

The funding will continue to bring together world class research and medical expertise to provide the best possible results for cancer patients.

This is great news. This funding will help build closer links between scientists and doctors – and that will increase the pace of research, leading to improved treatments for patients.

Professor Margaret FrameScience director of the Edinburgh Cancer Research UK Centre

The initiative brings together researchers and support from universities, the NHS and Cancer Research UK.

Each Centre will focus on specific areas of research and aim to raise standards of care and forge links with local communities.

Collaboration is key to the success of the Centres network - they will enable researchers who do not normally work together to exchange ideas and information more easily.

A core part of the network’s role will involve training the next generation of cancer researchers.

Nearly 200 PhDs will be funded through the network, including around 80 PhDs specifically for cancer clinicians.

This is the largest cancer focused cohort of clinical PhDs in the EU.

The Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre is part of the Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine.