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Vet students donate to the homeless

Vet students gather backpacks full of supplies for the underprivileged and their animals.

For the first time in the history of The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, the students and staff have come together under the leadership of final-year student Jamie-Leigh Thompson to gather backpacks full of supplies for the underprivileged and their animals.

The backpacks, donated by Royal Canin, were filled with warm winter clothes, notebooks, first aid items, basic toiletries, food, dog supplies and a Christmas card.

These were then delivered to the All4Paws veterinary clinic, a monthly-run initiative for vulnerably housed people and their pets, and various social supper soup kitchens hosted by local cafes.

“I just wanted to try something new. The enthusiasm of the school and generosity has completely astonished me.”   A total of 62 backpacks were collected by the 2nd of December, for a range for males, females and dogs.

“I really feel like we are making a difference to someone’s Christmas,” Jamie-Leigh added. “I’m hoping it continues year on year.”

Professor Susan Rhind, Director of Veterinary Teaching applauded the students’ initiative, saying: 

This is a tremendous student-led project to support those less fortunate and their pets. We are proud of their inspiring kindness and pro-activity which was supported by staff - this is an excellent example of the entire Vet School community coming together to think of others during the festive period.

Vet School Donates for the Homeless
The Vet School students who gathered and distributed supplies for vulnerably housed people and their pets.