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Success at World Canoeing Championships for Biomedical Sciences student

Eilidh Gibson was part of Team GB C1 team who took home gold in the World Championships.

Congratulations to Eilidh Gibson, a 4th year Biomedical Sciences student, who was part of Team GB C1 Team who took home gold, and was also fourth in the individual races at the Championships.

Eilidh Gibson canoeing

What’s your area of study? 

My honours degree is in Biomedical Sciences (Physiology) and I am especially interested in developmental biology and developmental neuroscience. 

How long have you been practicing canoeing for? 

Since I was 13, so 9 years.  

What are your feelings about winning the championship?

We won gold in the team race and I came 4th individually. To win was very exciting. The atmosphere of the race was amazing and to come down as a team and do a good run was all we wanted. To actually win was absolutely incredible. I couldn't believe it! In the individual I was very proud to finish 4th. I came into the race hoping to make the final (top 10) so to display some of my best paddling in the final and finish that close to the medals definitely gives me confidence for the next few years. 

What’s next?

Once I finish university this year, I plan to move to London to train at the Olympic canoeing course where British Canoeing is based. I am going to also do a Master's degree while I train and have my sights set on competing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. 

Tell us something surprising about yourself.

I am addicted to oreos!