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Showcase of Edinburgh Imaging at Italian Cultural Institute

Striking scientific images of the brain, retina and lungs highlight collaboration across the University and showcase cutting edge imaging techniques.

The exhibition of images created by staff at Edinburgh Imaging highlights collaboration between radiologists, medical physicians, engineers, image analysts, chemists, biologists and IT specialists. These colleagues from across the University work together on research which is enabling consultants to improve patient diagnosis, treatment and care.

A Celebration of Imaging

Brain white matter tracts

The month long exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute comes at an exciting time for Edinburgh Imaging as it marks the start of the ‘Celebration of Imaging’ which will feature a variety of events over the next 12 months. 

Unique in Scotland

Edinburgh Imaging will see a significant expansion of their imaging facilities over the next 18 months including PET-CT scanners, a 3T neuro-optimised MRI scanner and a MR-PET scanner. The latter is the first of its kind in Scotland and will provide scientists with the clearest picture yet of what goes wrong in the brain during dementia. It will also offer new opportunities for heart and cancer imaging research.

3D reconstruction

One of the images is a 3D reconstruction of a patient’s lungs created from CT scans. Doctors are using this technology to examine people who may have heart or lung disease. This approach is now employed to prepare patients for surgery and reduced invasive methods for diagnosis and treatment.

Successful opening night

Carlo Perrotta, Sir Timothy O'Shea and Professor Edwin JR van Beek with Dr Dario Magnani.

The exhibition was launched in early May and guests were welcomed by Italian Consul General Carlo Perrotta and Sir Timothy O’Shea. Following the welcome, Professor Edwin van Beek, Director of Edinburgh Imaging and the Clinical Research Imaging Centre (CRIC) guided guests through each of the scientific images, explaining their link to current research projects at Edinburgh.

Guests were also offered the chance to view advanced image analysis software and speak to the researchers responsible for the images on display.

The exhibition will be on display at the Italian Cultural Institute until June 10th 2016.

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