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Making an impact on student support

Biomedical Sciences student wins Outstanding Student Leader award.

Baber Rasheed

Fourth-year Biomedical Sciences student Baber Rasheed has won the Outstanding Student Leader award at the EUSA Impact Awards.

As a 16-times class representative and school convenor, Baber has secured change for his fellow students including the installation of projectors and video recording equipment in the Old Medical School.

Baber has also been heavily involved with the Biomedical Academic Families scheme, which won the Best Peer Support Group at the same awards for the second year running.

“I’ve been involved with student representation since I’ve been in first year,” says Baber.

“We have an excellent peer support scheme here for first year students.  A lot of students struggle when they come to university for the first time as they have no idea what to expect. So the Academic Families scheme is a community that comes together in a pastoral role to make students feel settled in and welcomed.”


Maintaining a dialogue

Baber says he feels particularly proud of the Outstanding Student Leader award as it is a testament to the level of trust he has built up with his fellow students over the years.

“My role is about maintaining a dialogue between the students and the staff, pushing for the kinds of changes that can improve the student experience.  The staff here have always been receptive. And the students know if we need to get things done, we’ll get it changed this year, not next year.”

Now in their third year, the Impact Awards were created to recognise exceptional students making a positive impact.

Eleven categories reflected the variety of the contributions of students who ran special projects or went above and beyond in specific roles.


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