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Let's talk about health lecture series 2017/18

View the full programme of the 2017/18 Public lecture series. Join us to hear about new research in our University that is increasing our understanding of diseases and providing new advances in treatment.

“Let's Talk About Health” is a series of public lectures which run annually from November through to March.  It is aimed at senior school pupils interested in studying medicine, veterinary medicine or the life sciences at University as well as interested members of the general public and health professionals. The series allows scientists pioneering new research at the University of Edinburgh to share their latest ideas and discoveries with the public and provides attendees with the opportunity to advance their knowledge of health and what happens in disease.

“Let’s talk about health” is all about advancing our knowledge of health and what goes wrong in disease.  These lectures provide a chance for anyone who is interested in health research to learn more about the progress we are making towards better treatments”.

Professor Karen Chapman University/BHF Centre for Cardiovascular Science, Programme Organiser


Date Speakers Title/Booking link Venue
Wednesday 15th November 2017 Richard Mellanby, and Iris Mair, MRC Centre for Inflammation Research Vitamin D: hope or hype? QMRI, Wellcome Auditorium

Wednesday 6th December 2017

Sarah Stock, MRC Centre for Reproductive Health; and Karen Chapman, BHF/UoE Centre for Cardiovascular Science

Preterm birth: Can we do better?

QMRI, Wellcome Auditorium

Wednesday 24th January 2018

Damian Mole, Clinical Surgery & MRC Centre for Inflammation Research; and Cecile Benezech, BHF/UoE Centre for Cardiovascular Science

A fat lot of good! Appendicitis and the benefits of specialised fat tissue

QMRI, Wellcome Auditorium

Wednesday 21st February 2018

James Boardman, MRC Centre for Reproductive Health; and Sue Fletcher-Watson, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

The Effect of Being Born Early on Children and Young People QMRI, Wellcome Auditorium

Wednesday 14th March 2018

Rachel Guest, Division of Clinical Health Sciences; and Luke Boulter, MRC Human Genetics Unit

Liver cancer: the impending epidemic

QMRI, Wellcome Auditorium

Admission free. All welcome.

Public lectures take place at 5.30 p.m. in the Queen's Medical Research Institute (QMRI), Wellcome Auditorium, 47 Little France Crescent, EH16 4TJ.

QMRI is accessible with assistance and accessible parking can be arranged.  

Please email  if you have any queries. 

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Let's Talk About Health: Epilepsy - is the genetic revolution friend or foe?

Dr Richard Chin meets with a patient
Join us to explore the advances, the dilemmas, and the hopes for the future as we hunt for a cure and or better treatments for epilepsy.

Let's Talk About Health: Breast cancer - the advent of personalised medicine

Researcher and microscope at IGMM
Join us to hear about some of the key advances that have led to over 85% of women now living more than 5 years after diagnosis of breast cancer.

Let's Talk About Health: The first 1000 days. How stressful events before and shortly after birth can shape the rest of your life.

Researcher working in the lab in QMRI
Join us to hear about how stress causes health risks to the developing baby, and our research into why these unwanted effects may occur.

Let's Talk About Health: Vitamin D: hope or hype?

Veterinary students examine an xray
Join us to hear from a veterinarian about how studies on dogs were pivotal in the discovery of vitamin D and how research on man’s best friend continues to illuminate the ongoing debate of the importance of vitamin D on health beyond the skeleton.

Let's Talk About Health: Preterm birth: Can we do better?

Premature baby
Join us to hear about current research in Edinburgh that is focussed on preventing preterm birth, and on improving our understanding of the benefits and risks of antenatal corticosteroid treatment.

Let's Talk About Health: A fat lot of good! Appendicitis and the benefits of specialised fat tissue

Staff in Intensive Care Unit
Join us to “chew the fat” and hear about recent research on inflammation and the omentum, how the omentum can be used by surgeons during surgery, what we are doing to understand its function, and how we are planning to use this in the future, to help patients with peritonitis.

Let's Talk About Health: the effect of being born early on children and young people

The Brain Research Imaging Centre (BRIC)
Join us to hear about how brain scans have deepened our understanding of the effects of early birth on the developing brain, about innovative ways of measuring learning in infants and about how we combine these measures to understand what makes the brains of some babies do really well, and what the challenges are for others.

Let's Talk About Health: Liver cancer: the impending epidemic

Mr Damian Mole and Dr Jonathan Fallowfield
Join us to hear about the efforts going on in Edinburgh to try and tackle this pariah cancer. We are using lessons learned from how stem cells behave and regenerate the damaged liver to better understand how these tumours grow and how we can develop new drugs to tackle this often untreatable and fatal disease.