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2017 Events

Archived events from 2017

From cells to Clydesdales: a romp around the veterinary profession

Professor Milne, clinical pathologist at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies, discusses her work and her vision of taking diagnostic investigation at Easter Bush to the next level.

Inaugural lecture: The fish school of life - learning to mend the spinal cord

Image of Professor Catherina Becker
Catherina Becker will show what happens in the brains and spinal cords of zebrafish that allows them to repair even fully paralysing injuries.

Inaugural lecture: Confronting the microbial menace in our food

Image of Professor Mark Stevens
Professor Mark Stevens will describe his research to identify bacterial and host factors that contribute to the ability of foodborne pathogens to persist in farm animals and cause disease, and how this can inform the design of control strategies.

Let's talk about health lecture series 2017/18

View the full programme of the 2017/18 Public lecture series. Join us to hear about new research in our University that is increasing our understanding of diseases and providing new advances in treatment.

A preview of Edinburgh Science Festival 2017

Edinburgh International Science Festival logo
The College has a strong representation at this year’s Science Festival. Here’s your quick guide to who, what, where and when.

Just a Sports Quiz 2017

Just a Sports Quiz 2017
Join big names in sport and win big prizes whilst fundraising for MND research at the Euan MacDonald Centre.

Terrific Scientific

"Brain cakes" as part of the Terrific Scientific workshops
Join scientists from the University of Edinburgh to explore the human body through fun, family-friendly hands-on activities.

Inaugural Lecture: Could a dementia-free world become a reality?

Professor Craig Ritchie explores how we might rid the world of dementia in the near future.

Inaugural Lecture: From “circus virus” to most used swine vaccine

Professor Tanya Opriessnig of The Roslin Institute
Professor Opriessnig discusses the background and evolution of the most used vaccine in global pig production.

Inaugural lecture: This is your life - hormones matter

Professor Rebecca Reynolds
Professor Reynolds will discuss the evidence that 'hormones matter' in health and disease across the life course with particular emphasis on the vital role of stress hormones in pregnancy.