College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

2017 Events

Archived events from 2017

Inaugural Lecture: Could a dementia-free world become a reality?

Professor Craig Ritchie explores how we might rid the world of dementia in the near future.

Inaugural Lecture: From “circus virus” to most used swine vaccine

Professor Tanya Opriessnig of The Roslin Institute
Professor Opriessnig discusses the background and evolution of the most used vaccine in global pig production.

Inaugural lecture: This is your life - hormones matter

Professor Rebecca Reynolds
Professor Reynolds will discuss the evidence that 'hormones matter' in health and disease across the life course with particular emphasis on the vital role of stress hormones in pregnancy.

Inaugural lecture: Imaging - much more than a pretty picture

Professor Andrew Farrell
Professor Andrew Farrall will explore the challenges and benefits of educating and training a diverse and interdisciplinary population of researchers who are using imaging to push forward the frontiers of their disciplines.