College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

Winter 21/22 programme

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Our viral future | 24 November 2021

Are viral pandemics an inevitable part of our future?  

Traveller Genes: genetics and ancestry | 8 December 2021

How do genes vary across populations and why is this important for understanding our health and the risk of diseases?

Health data: what’s in it for you? | 19 January 2022

Join us to hear how researchers use information about people’s health to help make life better for the whole population.  

Science after Dolly: gene editing and ethics | 2 February 2022

Twenty-five years ago, scientists cloned a sheep and called it Dolly. Join us to hear more about the science that followed this breakthrough and the questions it continues to raise about the ethics of genetic manipulation. 

Too much blood: when periods are a problem | 23 February 2022

Hear the latest on research to solve the challenge of heavy periods

Brain scanning: a lifetime in an image | 2 March 2022

How do you build 3D pictures of the most inaccessible of organs - the brain?

Research is for everyone | 23 March 2022

For the final event of the series, it's over to you!