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Past events

Previous lectures from the Let's Talk About Health series.

Public lecture series 2019/20

Let's Talk About Health lecture series graphic
The series resumes on 23 October 2019.

Public lecture series 2018/19

Promo pic for the Let's Talk About Health and Disease lecture series
The series resumes on 10 October 2018, this year partnering up with colleagues at the The Dick Vet School for two additional talks on animal health.

Public lecture series 2017/18

View the full programme of the 2017/18 Public lecture series. Join us to hear about new research in our University that is increasing our understanding of diseases and providing new advances in treatment.

Let's Talk About Health: Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Bench to Bedside

Researcher at IGMM
Join us to hear about the latest research that is leading to new understanding of the ways in which our genes interact with our environment to cause chronic diseases such as Crohn's and colitis.

Let's talk about health: Losing our minds - Can we stop our brains from ageing?

Digital image and etching of the brain of a participant in the Lothian Birth Cohort 1936 study.
Join us to learn about recent research on the causes of cognitive ageing, its effects on people’s lives, and whether there’s anything that can be done to help people’s brains stay sharp in old age.

Let's Talk About Health: The first 1000 days. How stressful events before and shortly after birth can shape the rest of your life.

Researcher working in the lab in QMRI
Join us to hear about how stress causes health risks to the developing baby, and our research into why these unwanted effects may occur.

Let's Talk About Health: Breast cancer - the advent of personalised medicine

Researcher and microscope at IGMM
Join us to hear about some of the key advances that have led to over 85% of women now living more than 5 years after diagnosis of breast cancer.