College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

Inaugural lecture series 2018

View the full programme of the 2018 Inaugural lecture series, featuring a wide variety of topics from across medicine and veterinary medicine.

Date Professor Title Venue
Monday 19 February            

Sarah Walmsley           

Fuelling inflammation: Oxygen, metabolism and neutrophils Chancellor's Building
Monday 19 March Neil Mabbott Prions: ninja pathogens and immune system hijackers The Roslin Institute
Monday 30 April Anna Williams

Mending myelin: orchestrating brain repair in MS

Chancellor's Building
Monday 28 May Devi Sridhar Governing Global Health: Who Runs the World and Why? Chancellor's Building
Monday 25 June Ian Jackson Marvellous Melanocytes: How Our Skin and Hair is Coloured IGMM
Monday 24 September Richard Mellanby The story of two Mellanbys, some dogs, cats, mice, sheep, penguins, one monkey and vitamin D The Roslin Institute
Monday 29 October Tom Gillingwater Standing on the shoulders of giants: Diary of a 21st century anatomist Anatomy Lecture Theatre
Monday 12 November Debby Bogaert

Born in a microbial cloud: Gatekeepers of a healthy life

Chancellor's Building
Monday 3 December Geoff Simm Thought for food: Food for thought? The Roslin Institute

Admission is free but booking is recommended. All welcome.

Inaugural lectures take place at 5.30 p.m.

Venues are accessible with assistance and accessible parking can be arranged.  

Please telephone 0131 650 2243 or email if you have any queries.