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An archive of previous lectures.

Prions: ninja pathogens and immune system hijackers

Professor Neil Mabbott will discuss research showing how prions exploit the immune system to infect the body, and how the spread of prions to the brain might be prevented.

Mending myelin: orchestrating brain repair in MS

Professor Anna Williams
Professor Anna Williams will discuss how studying human MS brain tissue and laboratory models of remyelination can increase our understanding of how this repair process works and why it fails

Fuelling inflammation: oxygen, metabolism and neutrophils

Professor Sarah Walmsley
Professor Sarah Walmsley will discuss research detailing how oxygen and nutrients regulate the inflammatory response.

Inaugural lecture: The fish school of life - learning to mend the spinal cord

Image of Professor Catherina Becker
Catherina Becker will show what happens in the brains and spinal cords of zebrafish that allows them to repair even fully paralysing injuries.

From cells to Clydesdales: a romp around the veterinary profession

Professor Milne, clinical pathologist at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies, discusses her work and her vision of taking diagnostic investigation at Easter Bush to the next level.

Inaugural lecture: Confronting the microbial menace in our food

Image of Professor Mark Stevens
Professor Mark Stevens will describe his research to identify bacterial and host factors that contribute to the ability of foodborne pathogens to persist in farm animals and cause disease, and how this can inform the design of control strategies.