College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

Record lifetime donation to University

The University’s medical research has received a major boost from a record financial donation.

The gift of £1.26 million was donated by Ronald Storey to the University, honouring a pledge he made to a life-long friend.

The funds, which form the institution's largest gift by a living donor, will play a major part in the creation of a new imaging centre at the University.

Edinburgh graduate

The 82-year-old was left the entire savings of a lifelong friend, Edinburgh graduate Dr George Birtwisle.

The friends agreed that Mr Storey would donate the money to the University's medical school.

After graduating in medicine, Dr Birtwisle established his own general practice in London and held medical appointments with the law courts and Scotland Yard.

He retired after 30 years and emigrated to Spain, where he developed a property business with Mr Storey.

Mr Storey took responsibility for Dr Birtwisle's estate after his death at the age of 89.

"Wonderful" generosity

Mr Storey has now decided to make the record lifetime gift - as opposed to a legacy in a will - from the funds.

He said Dr Birtwisle would be "thrilled" to know his money was going to his alma mater.

"Dr Birtwisle was able to join the university during the war to study medicine and he did very well there,” Mr Storey said. “He enjoyed it so much."

University chiefs said they were looking forward to welcoming Mr Storey to the opening of the imaging centre at Little France next summer.

We believe that this is the largest lump sum lifetime gift that the University has ever received. It really is wonderful. The University benefits more from his generosity because he made a gift when he is alive.

Liesl ElderDirector of Development