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Centre for Inflammation Research - Research in Progress

Centre for Inflammation Research research in progress presentations are held every Friday in the The Wellcome Auditorium, QMRI, Little France at 4pm-5pm, with refreshments afterwards in the Fyffe Room.

Winter 2014

Friday 31st January

Presentation by:

Chengcan Yao, Chancellor's Fellow - Prostaglandin E2 and Immune Inflammation

Friday 7th February

Presentation by:

Duncan Humphries, Lung Inflammation Group - Investigating the Cerebral/Pulmonary Axis Following Traumatic Brain Injury

Friday 14th February

No Research in Progress seminar

Friday 21st February

No Research in Progress seminar

Friday 28th February

Presentation by:

Pallavi Mandal, Lung Inflammation Group - Atorvastatin as an anti-inflammatory therapy in bronchiectasis

Friday 7th March - Posponed

Presentation by:

Iris Mair, Autoimmunity & Chronic Inflammation Group - The role of integrin αv in regulatory T cell function - A player in infectious tolerance?


Friday 14th March

Presentation by:

Lauren Patience, Inflammation and Cancer Group - Apoptosis-Driven Microenvironmental Conditioning by Microvesicles in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Friday 21st March

Presentation by:

Ahsan Akram, Lung Inflammation Group - Optical Molecular Imaging of Bacteria in the Lung

Friday 28th March

Presentation by:

Feng Li, Lung Inflammation Group - Impact of extracellular matrix on autophagic activity in macrophage