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A day in the life: Edinburgh Medical School

Get involved in our Instagram photo project.

Poster for the Edinburgh Medical School Instagram campain

The challenge

We would like you to produce and submit 3 or 4 Instagram posts (photos and/or video).

Your images will be form part of the Edinburgh Medical School ‘A day in the life of’ Instagram project which will be running over the next few months.



As a follow-up to the successful ‘Who’s Who’ project, we aim to further promote the sense of community within Edinburgh Medical School by providing an insight into a typical day in the life of various members of staff and students working right across the school. The project aims to positively contribute to student and staff recruitment by showing what it is really like to work and study within Edinburgh Medical School.


Who can get involved


We would love the project to showcase a huge variety of staff and students from numerous different areas reflecting the true spectrum of work that goes on here  - eg a MND researcher, a Clinical Skills facilitator, a servitor, a Year 6 MBChB student on their elective, a PhD student studying stem cells, an IS support officer – the list goes on and the more diverse, the better!


Guidelines and tips

Your photos should reflect your own experience and avoid general statements or speaking on behalf of the university or school. The posts are from your perspective and about your experience of Edinburgh Medical School.

Your posts will appear in the Edinburgh Medical School corporate Instagram account (


Type of image

Interesting images and videos that give staff and students an insight into your typical day at Edinburgh Medical School. They can be as abstract as you like!

Be creative, try time-lapses, collages, memes…. Have some fun!

Each visual should be accompanied by a short descriptive caption.


It’s up to you! As well as your work/study, your photos could involve your commute, lunch break, exercise class, perspectives on Edinburgh - anything you are happy sharing on social media.

Just keep it personal, interesting and relevant to your audience! We would prefer if each of your photos focuses on a different aspect of your day.



Your images or video clips should be original, well lit, sharp and bright. You can use your smartphone, but make sure you are proud of your image/mini film clip!

Dos and don'ts


  • Remember your audience: make it relevant to fellow staff and students
  • Ask permission of anyone who features in your image
  • Keep it personal. Speak for yourself and from your experience
  • Make it fun, witty, insightful.



  • Include any sensitive information or anything that is not yet in the public domain
  • Speak on behalf of the School or University
  • Include inappropriate language (sexual, defamatory, discriminatory)
  • Focus on divisive topics (political views, football clubs, etc)
  • Send non-original images
  • Send blurry, dark images.
How to submit

Submit via email to by 30 October.

Images will be published on EMS Instagram account by College Communications team but we will tag your own account in the post (if you have one and let us know what it is).


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