Science Insights

How to apply

Closing date for applications: Monday 1 May 2023

Applying for Science Insights (Mon 17– Fri 21 July 2023)

Science Insights is ONLY for current S5 pupils at high schools in Scotland, who will be entering S6 in August 2023.

40 places are available and these will be assigned after the closing date (1 May 2023) and NOT on a “first come, first served” basis.

If you’d like to apply for a place, please complete the form below by 17.00 on Monday 1 May 2023. If you have any questions and/or require the form in a different format please contact us.

Please note that there will be an online information session on 16 March 2023 at 16.30.

Sign up to the online information session on 16 March

Please note that Science Insights is not designed as a work experience programme for school pupils planning to study Medicine at university. Instead, it is aimed at those who are curious about research in biological, biomedical and animal sciences, and/or those who may still be deciding which areas to explore. 

Who can apply to Science Insights?

We welcome applications to Science Insights if you are:

  • In your fifth year (current S5, moving into S6 in August) at a high school in Scotland
  • Able to attend in-person sessions on all five days of Science Insights week: Monday 17 to Friday 21 July 2023, from 10:00am to 5:00pm each day (includes scheduled breaks!)
  • Able to attend our online welcome session on Wednesday 21 June 2023, from 4:30pm to 5:30pm

Widening participation is at the heart of the University of Edinburgh’s agenda, so we work with the Widening Participation team to ensure places are assigned to pupils from a range of social, cultural and educational backgrounds.

We realise that not everyone has the same ability to access this type of opportunity, and we are looking into ways to support pupils who may have difficulties accessing Science Insights, for example help with transport costs (lunch and snacks are provided each day of Science Insights week). There is a place on this application form to tell us about any additional support you might need to enable you to take part in Science Insights, and you can also contact us in confidence before applying if you have any questions or concerns about taking part by emailing or filling out the contact form on our website. Providing this information will not count against you in your application and we will try to help all successful applicants to access the programme, as far as we can.


This year for the first time SSERC and Nuffield can provide funding, where appropriate, for students attending Science Insights Course. Details will be shared with successful applicants. 

How do we decide who gets a place on Science Insights?

Places on Science Insights are limited and we can only judge your application based on the answers you give us on your application form.

We are looking for applications that tell us a bit about you, and show that you are:

  • Enthusiastic and interested in biological, biomedical and/or animal science research
  • Curious, keen to learn and ask questions

We also want to hear about:

  • What you think you will get out of attending Science Insights 
  • Why we should choose you to take part
  • What you do to pursue your interest in science outside of school

We appreciate that you may be applying to multiple online summer programmes. From experience, we know that you will get the most out of Science Insights if you fully commit to it. If you are lucky enough to be offered a place on more than one programme, please think carefully about which one you would find most useful, and only accept a place on one. This also means that a place can be offered to someone else, who will definitely appreciate it!

You can withdraw your application to Science Insights at any time by emailing

UoE Summer School exclusively for Deaf and Hard of Hearing S5/S6 pupils, Tues 13 - Thurs 15 June. Places are limited. Apply by 6pm Friday 26 May.  

Summer School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students


So that we can check that you are an S5 pupil at a Scottish high school, please give us the name of a teacher at your school who we can contact to confirm your identity.
Please provide your teacher's school email address so that we can contact them about your participation in Science Insights.
We will only use this number to contact you during the Science Insights programme, should you be selected. We will use your email address for all contact during the application process.
Please provide a daytime contact phone number (e.g. mobile or work phone number) for your parent/carer. We will use this in case of an emergency during the Science Insights programme, should you be selected.
Please include your house/flat number, street address and town/city.
Please tell us what you want to get out of Science Insights and how you think it will help you afterwards [50-170 words]
Science Insights is a popular programme - please tell us why we should choose you [50-170 words]
Tell us a bit about yourself and why you like science [50-170 words]
Please select all that apply, and use the "Other" option if your subject choice isn't included in the list.
Please select all that apply, and use the "Other" option if your subject choice isn't included in the list.

Science Insights will run as a week-long series of in-person events each day from Mon 17 to Fri 21 July 2023 at locations on four of the University of Edinburgh's campuses. There will also be an online welcome event on Wed 21 June 2023 so that you can meet the Science Insights team and the other people on the programme.

We want to make sure that Science Insights is accessible for everyone, so please use the next part of the application form to let us know whether you might have any difficulty accessing the programme, and/or whether you might need any type of additional support to take part in Science Insights. 

Please be reassured that providing this information will not count against you in your application and we will try to help all successful applicants to take part in Science Insights, as far as we can.

We work with the University of Edinburgh's Widening Participation team to ensure that Science Insights places are assigned to students from a range of social, cultural and educational backgrounds. Please complete this section to tell us a little more about yourself.

Note that if you select ‘prefer not to say’ we will not be able to take that factor into account when considering your application. 

Estranged students are usually without the financial or emotional support of their family due to a breakdown in the relationship. We consider you to be care experienced if you have been looked after by a local authority at any time in your life. For more information see
We define a Young Carer as a young person who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member. This means caring for someone, who due to illness, disability, mental health issues, or an addiction, cannot cope without your support.

Data protection statement and further information – PLEASE READ

  • The Science Insights team will retain the details you have submitted on their database, as well as any future correspondence, and will use the personal contact details you have provided to contact you with information about Science Insights before and after the programme.
  • Your data will be retained for a maximum of seven years and may be used for the purposes of monitoring and tracking by staff at the University of Edinburgh.
  • Your personal data will not be shared with anyone outside the University of Edinburgh, although your school may be made aware that you have applied for/have attended Science Insights.
  • Photos/screenshots may be taken during the Science Insights week and may be used in future publicity by the University of Edinburgh. If you are selected to take part in Science Insights, your parent/guardian must complete and submit a photo permission form.
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