Tissue Repair Postgraduate Training Programme


The Programme is run by the Programme Management Team, which consists of a Director, Co-Director, Manager and Administrator.

The Programme Management Team provides the academic coordination, oversight and management of the Programme. Each affiliated research centre has appointed a Centre Representative, who together with the Programme Management team, make up the Tissue Repair Steering Group. The programme has 45 affiliated Principal Investigators across the five affiliated Research Centres, who contribute to Discussion Groups and act as mentors during lab rotations and main PhD research projects. During each research project (rotation and PhD) Tissue Repair students are mentored by two Principal Investigators from diverse research backgrounds.

Dr Marieke A Hoeve

Tissue Repair Programme Manager

Professor Stuart Forbes

Tissue Repair Programme Director

Ms Kelly Douglas

Tissue Repair Programme Administrator

Professor Catherina G. Becker

Tissue Repair Programme Co-Director

Centre Representatives:

Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences: Prof David Lyons 

Centre for Inflammation Research: Prof Adriano Rossi

MRC Centre for Reproductive Health: Dr Veronique Miron

MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine: Prof Lesley Forrester     

University/BHF Centre for Cardiovascular Sciences: Prof Andrew Baker