Tissue Repair Postgraduate Training Programme

Tissue Repair student Kate Ross Stewart wins poster prize at EdinFishTech 2019 meeting

Congratulations to Kate Ross Stewart on winning the EUfishbiomed poster runner-up award.

Kate Ross Stewart, second year Tissue Repair PhD student in the Brittan Lab at the Centre for Cardiovascular Science, has won the runner up EUfishbiomed poster prize for her work on cardiac regeneration. The Edin Fish Tech 2019 meeting was held at Edinburgh, 28-30 August, on the topic of 'Frontier Technologies in Zebrafish: single-cell transcriptomics, genome-editing, imaging, and behaviour.'

It featured talks on recent advances in single-cell transcriptomics, genome-editing, imaging, behaviour assays and other techniques that are driving discoveries in the zebrafish model. EdinFishTech 2019 highlighted conceptual progress in zebrafish development, physiology, and disease modelling through technical innovation.