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Information for staff and students

Information for current staff and students within the Edinburgh Medical School. Further information can be found on the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine website and on the central University website.

Current students

Undergraduates in the University of Edinburgh's Anatomy Museum
Edinburgh Medical School delivers a first class education in an environment where research is an important component of the life of every student.

Wi-Fi access across Scotland

Online distance learning student
Wi-Fi access is now available for students at many NHS Health Board Attachments across Scotland.

Intercalating at the University of Edinburgh

Student in lab
B Med Sci programmes are available to students who have successfully completed their second year in the MBChB.

College-wide information for current staff and students

The College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine section for current staff and students has information on travelling to your campus, health and safety, quality and standards, human resources and more.

Staff and students at the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

University-wide information for current staff

The University staff website has information on research, teaching and learning, news sources and services and support.

University of Edinburgh staff website

University-wide information for current students

The University students website has information about living in Edinburgh, heath and wellbeing, careers and opportunities, money fees and finances and a directory of student services.

University of Edinburgh students website