Molecular Pathology Node

Postgraduate Certificate

Post Graduate Certificate in Molecular Pathology and Genomic Medicine, offered part-time over 12 months.


Our post graduate certificate of education in Molecular Pathology and Genomic Medicine offers training for students to develop cutting edge knowledge and practical skills in Clinical Genomics and Molecular Pathology.

The practice of medicine, especially in the disciplines of Pathology and Genetics is increasingly reliant on Genomic technology. The primary objective of the Node is to increase capacity and up-skill the NHS workforce to enable them to engage confidently with the scientific concepts of Molecular Pathology and Genomic Medicine. The aim is for graduates of this programme to apply these new skills and knowledge to their daily work in healthcare provision, to improve patient care.

Our Programme is aimed primarily at NHS laboratory and clinical staff and will be beneficial to anyone wishing to expand their understanding of molecular pathology and how it applies to clinical diagnostics. This part-time training programme is designed to provide a flexible learning environment to encourage participation of students in both full-time or part-time employment.

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This programme will be beneficial to a wide range of healthcare professionals including, but not limited to: Biomedical Scientists, Clinical Scientists, Genetic Counsellors, Nurses, and Clinicians.

IIf you would like to apply for the post graduate certificate of education (PG Cert) in Molecular Pathology and Genomic Medicine and you are an NHS employee you will need to seek approval from the relevant NHS Education Committee. All applications will be reviewed by the Education Committee, and those applications agreed by the Committee will be forwarded the PG Cert Programme team for consideration. Once approved, you will need to apply via the University of Edinburgh applications system.


Please contact Programme Lead, Dr Amy Hansen in the first instance to discuss your eligibility and application.

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Programme Lead: Dr Amy Hansen,, +44 (0)131 651 8757

Programme Administrator: Ms Louise Pert,, +44 (0)131 651 1041