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Application procedure

Applications are made via UCAS.

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Places available

Medicine is known as a “controlled subject”.

This means that there is a strict limit on the number of places that are funded by the Scottish Funding Council.

Students resident in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland are funded differently from those from Scotland and therefore the places available are allocated separately

These allocations have been determined by the Scottish Funding Council and are based on historical intake patterns.

For 2021 entry, the following places were available:
Location Medicine (MBChB)

Applicants with a Scotland fee rate


Applicants with a England, Wales, 

Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland fee rate

Applications with an EU/Overseas (International) fee rate 21
Total 211

Additional to the places above, the Scottish Government introduced an initiative to increase widening participation in Medicine. For 2021 entry, an additional 15 places were available for those living in the lowest in Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation areas (known as SIMD 20 and 40).  This did not impact the original number of places for the Medicine degree and was on top of the standard number of places.

Places available per fee status category for 2022 entry are yet to be decided.  This information will be published as soon as it becomes available.


Applicants without a UCAT score (unless there is an exemption) will not be considered. If you are reapplying, you must resit the UCAT.

You should take the UCAT the summer prior to application.

Apply via UCAS

Applications are made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) between 1st September and 15th October.

  • University of Edinburgh code: E56
  • MBChB course code: A100

Only four choices can be used to apply to Medicine degrees. Your remaining choice may be used for an alternative programme.

The Admissions staff do not see what other medical schools you have applied during the selection process.

If there are extenuating circumstances that you wish to advise the Admissions staff of please send supporting documentation to us with your UCAS number on it by 15th October deadline. Please note that we expect the examining boards to take extenuating circumstances into account when confirming your final award. We will not apply mitigation on their behalf.

Deferred entry

We are happy to consider applicants for deferred entry on a case by case basis.  Requests should be made prior to application by contacting the Undergraduate Admissions Team in writing, providing full details of the reasons for deferral.

Applicants for deferred places will not be subject to any special selection procedure. We have no quota of places for deferred applicants.

Scottish Higher applicants wishing to take a gap year are strongly encouraged to do this after S6.

Deferred applications will not usually be accepted from overseas applicants except where the deferral is for mandatory military service or similar obligation.


We regret we are unable to accept transfers onto our programme other than from institutions where prior agreement exists. 

We are however able to consider those requesting a transfer from their current medicine studies elsewhere due to extenuating circumstances on a case by case basis but there are never any guarantees of successful entrance.

You can find more information on transfers below:

Criminal convictions

You should ensure that the criminal convictions declaration on the UCAS form is completed.

The College may reject an application on the basis of certain criminal convictions, may require a search of police records and may require subsequent declarations of criminal convictions.

Successful applicants will be required to complete a criminal record check.

Widening Participation (WP) to higher education is a strategic priority for the UK and Scottish governments, the higher education sector in general and the University of Edinburgh in particular. You can find our more on the University's Access Edinburgh page:

Access Edinburgh

We welcome applications from all backgrounds to Medicine. We recognise that not all applicants have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their full academic potential via their school leaver qualifications alone. To this end, we take into account the context and circumstances of an individual’s achievements when assessing an application - based on the University's Widening Access Offers policy - with some Widening Access eligible applications being considered on minimum entry requirements rather than standard entry requirements. Further information can be found here:

Widening Access Offers

Funding & Scholarships

Find out more about funding and scholarships: