Clinical Educator Programme

SSC5 teaching module

Assist with the review of student peer-assessment grades and anonymous feedback.

Overview of SSC5

All MBChB year 5 students undertake a SSC5 Peer-Assisted Learning project in which they work with colleagues to plan and deliver a discrete piece of teaching to student near-peers in the medical school, or to an external outreach group.

Following completion of projects, students submit individual project reports reflecting on what they learned from their SSC5 Project teaching experience and how this might be applied to their future teaching practice.  Students then provide a peer-assessment grade and short paragraph of anonymous feedback for three other SSC5 reflective reports.

The role of the Staff Moderator is to review student peer-assessment of SSC5 reflective reports to ensure that SSC5 reflective report assessment criteria have been applied correctly and to identify any reports that need additional moderation.


Student SSC5 reflective report

Students are asked to write an individual 1000-word reflective report reflecting on what they learned from their teaching experiences during their SSC5 PAL project and how they might apply the lessons learned to their own future learning and teaching practice. Guidelines for writing the report are provided in: ‘Writing the SSC5 Reflective Report’ on the 2023-24 student Selected Component 5 (SSC5) Teaching Module LEARN pages. (requires LEARN log-in).


Student peer assessment

Following submission of individual Reflective Reports, students are asked to provide a peer-assessment grade on a two-point scale (pass/unsatisfactory) and a short paragraph of anonymous feedback for three other SSC5 reflective reports, such that each report will be independently peer-assessed three times.  Assessment guidelines will be provided to both Student Peer-Assessors and Staff Moderators.


Staff moderation

Staff moderators will review student peer-assessment grades and anonymous feedback to determine if assessment criteria have been applied correctly and to identify any inappropriate feedback comments.  Staff moderators will then either confirm or amend the final grade assessments, which would usually be the consensus of three student peer-assessments.  Where student peer-assessments fail to agree or are judged excessively generous or punitive, Staff Moderators should make their own assessment.

Where the staff moderator is unable to make an assessment or there is evidence of inappropriate feedback or other issues such as plagiarism or unacknowledged use of ChatGPT, Staff Moderators should refer the report to the SSC5 Module Organiser Dr Steve Morley and the SSC5 arbitration panel for a second opinion.

Reports will be distributed for moderation by the Year 5 Assessment team in week beginning Mon 01st Apr, with review to be completed by Fri 12th Apr.  Staff Moderators might normally expect to receive around 10-12 reports for review.  Anyone who has previously acted as a Staff Moderator should note that we have simplified the assessment criteria for 2023-24, which we hope will result in a simpler and quicker assessment process.

Student Peer-assessment and staff moderation will be online via a bespoke 24/24 Year 5 SSC5 Teaching’ PebblePad workspace, for which instruction and training will be provided by Year 5 Assessment Team.  We estimate that PebblePad training should take a maximum of 30 mins, while moderation of individual student peer-assessed reports should take 5-10 mins, the rule of thumb being that if report assessment is taking longer, it should be referred to the SSC5 Module Organiser and arbitration panel.

If you are able to help with moderation of SSC5 reflective reports, please register your interest with the MTO MBChB Year 5 Administrator at who will reply to you to arrange your registration.  Please ensure that your email is sent from either a University of Edinburgh or an NHS e-mail address (and not from a personal email address) which is needed to register your access to the relevant pages in LEARN and PebblePad.

We are looking forward to signing up as many CME/CEP colleagues as possible to spread the workload, but please only consider volunteering as a Staff Moderator if you are sure that you can complete review of reports between Mon 01st-Fri 12th April.  Meeting this deadline is important to allow us to meet the formal UoE three-week feedback turnaround requirement.

Timeline for report submission and assessment

  • Fri 15th Mar 2023: Final student reflective report submission deadline
  • Mon 18th -Fri 29th Mar 2024: Student peer-assessment and final submission deadline
  • Mon 01st-Fri 12th Apr 2024: Review by staff moderators and arbitration

Further information on the SSC5 Teaching Module and the type of projects undertaken by students in the 2023-24 academic sessions can be found on the Student Selected Component 5 (SSC5) Teaching Module LEARN pages at:

(need to be logged in to LEARN for this link to work).

If you don’t already have access to the MBChB programme pages on LEARN, you can register as UoE visitor using the MBChB Visitor Registration Request Form



Dr Steve Morley

MBChB5 SSC5 Teaching Module Organiser



Prof Simon Riley

Director of Teaching, Deanery of Clinical Sciences, Edinburgh Medical School



Prof Colin Duncan

MBChB5 Director



Ms Jennifer Hill

MBCHB Assessment