Clinical Educator Programme


Read what some recent participants had to say about their experiences of attending CEP courses

Planning and Evaluating Teaching - March 2023 


"Thank you for a very well well-prepared and engaging session."


Interactive Teaching and Learning - April 2023 


"Good course materials, videos were useful as demonstrations, the tutorial was engaging and interactive. No major suggestions for improvement - I gained a lot from this."


Teaching in Clinical Environments - May 2023


"Really helpful and illustrative course guide. It introduced the key themes and provided clear structure for the session. Allowed for personal reflection that translated into excellent discussion during the session."


"Excellent course, very well organised with excellent pre-course reading material. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have learned a lot. Grateful to have been involved and am looking forward to the next one."


"These are extremely helpful sessions, thank you!"


Giving Effective Feedback - June 2023 


"There were lots of new concepts and perspectives on feedback I had not considered before. I believe this will improve my feedback to students."

"Very enjoyable and thought provoking. Thank you." "This was a great learning opportunity for me to not only understand how to give better feedback but also how to ask for feedback and make it more useful for me."


"I would just like to say what a positive experience I have found the CEP to be. To be honest I was slightly cynical feeling that a Masters completed 6 years ago should be sufficient. I was wrong. I hope that there are sufficient resources to allow you to continue to offer feedback on individual teaching sessions. That was the high point for me and I can say that the feedback I received did give me new insights."