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Becoming a patient partner

Interested in becoming a patient partner with EPPSAT?

The EPPSAT service generally relies on patients with physical conditions to assist in examinations and teaching sessions. This is so the candidates can be assessed on skills including reaching a diagnosis and performing a physical examination. We have also started sessions involving patients with mental health related conditions for medical student teaching.

It might be helpful to discuss your interest in becoming a Patient Partner with your family doctor or other medical staff involved in your care the next time you have an appointment.


Personal information

We will need to keep your name, contact details and some limited clinical information about you in a secure database. Only the staff involved in organising and running these events will have access to relevant parts of this information.


How often will my help be required?

The number of times you take part will depend entirely on your availability and on the event requirements. Some patient partners may be asked to attend a couple of sessions in one block of examinations, whereas others may be contacted less frequently.

Please remember you are under no obligation to take part in any event and you can refuse to participate without explanation.


Venues and practical details


Return taxis will be offered to take you from your home address to the nominated venue. All reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed for patients who choose to organise alternative transport.


These will be provided for you during the day .Lunch will also be provided by a reputable catering company. If you have any special requirements these will be catered for.


Please wear clothing that makes it easy for candidates to access relevant physical area. You might want to bring your own nightwear or loose-fitting top / trousers, hospital gowns are always available.

What to bring

 There may be some gaps between the exam running. Newspapers are usually provided and you are welcome to bring other items such as books, electronic devices or laptops. Please programme electronic devices to silent to avoid disrupting the progress of the exam.

Who will I meet?

  • Examination administration staff to ensure exam runs smoothly. They usually organise the candidates and examiners.
  • Examiners are senior doctors who have been trained for the exams.
  • Nursing Staff to ensure patients are well looked after.
  • Other patient volunteers will be at the exam and there will be opportunities to chat together at various stages during the day. The number of patients fluctuate depending on the exam being held. Usually, there are ten to 20 patients at exams.


EPPSAT patient venues

The Clinical Skills and Assessment Centre

The Royal College of Surgeons

The Chancellors Building



EPPSAT Coordinator contacts

Tel: 0131 242 6535 / 9414

Email: loth.eppsat@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk