Athena SWAN
Athena SWAN

Postgraduate students

Helpful links for Postgraduate students (and staff).

Postgrad wiki

A central source with information for CMVM postgraduate students on student support, reporting, thesis submission, viva examinations, as well as answers for FAQs and links to key documents and forms.

PGR Students wiki

PGT On-campus Students

PGT Online Learning Students


Student representation

Information about the postgraduate committee for each school and/or centre, with details on how and when to contact them as well as what are their responsibilities and what they can help with.

Student Representation


Career services

A multitude of services is available to students through the Careers Service in Edinburgh. However, sometimes, students are not aware what is available to them.

These services can vary but could include help with CVs, preparation of interviews (e.g. mock interviews). They are also hold a variety of events throughout the year such as different careers fairs tailored to different disciplines.

Careers service website


Health Services

Information on Health and Wellbeing, such as registering with a GP and other services available to students are listed on the Health & Wellbeing website.  


Counselling/mental health

The university is equipped with a variety of services that offer support.

In person counselling for students.

Online for students: SilverCloud

In person counselling for staff.

Online for staff: Big White Wall

Feeling Good App for all.             


Disabilities Services

The disability homepage of the university has information as well as contact numbers.


Official Documents

Occasionally students require official documents such as tax exemption letters, bank introduction letters and certificates of matriculation. There is advice on how to source these on our Student Administration website.



The Institute of Academic Development offers a variety of different courses across different subjects for both undergraduate, postgraduates and staff.

From the vast course list, there are excellent courses on Studying tips, Public Engagement or Leadership in Research.


Information Services

Information for researchers and teachers

Information for Professional Services Staff

Information for students

Using the Library

Digital Skills and Training


Transportation in Edinburgh

New students might not familiar with how public transportation works in Edinburgh. This can include the types of transportation (i.e. bus, tram) as well as the different types of tickets (one-time tickets, day tickets, monthly passes, student discounts).

Transport for Edinburgh website.


Information for Accommodation

We thought it would be useful in include links with information on accommodation offered by the university, including undergraduate accommodation as well as private student accommodation.

Finally, it would be useful for students to have access on information about tenancy agreements (and potentially avoid frauds). Students should be aware of the rights and their responsibilities.



Applying for VISAs can often be confusing for new students, including those who wish to travel to nearby countries whilst they study in Scotland. Here are a few links that include information on VISA information.

Student Visas

Student Immigration