Athena SWAN
Athena SWAN

IAD training workshop “Managing your Research Teams”: essential training for staff with managerial roles.

Ensuring PIs and management staff are trained for management and development of staff and knowledgeable about necessary policies and procedures.

Since October 2015 this workshop has been running to enable PIs to be informed on best practise and policies for managing people. This workshop has now been extended from Sept 2017 to include Professional Support Staff who also are involved in managing and supporting research teams.

This one day workshop on managing people in research groups, covers the following issues: equality and diversity, recruitment, appraisals, flexible working/maternity leave and difficult conversations.

Courses are available in January, February and May - further details, other dates and booking.

This is now a compulsory course for anyone hiring people on grants, and will need to be renewed every 5 years in the same way as the PhD supervisor briefings.

Further details available from IAD - Research website.