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Latest events

Latest Athena SWAN events

Preparing for Careers in Academia - Thursday 9 January

If you wish to pursue a career in academia, then this is the right event for you!

Careers Beyond Academia - 7th January, 2020

We know that over 90% of post-docs will eventually pursue a variety of interesting and successful careers outside of the University research environment.

Inspiring People 3 - Thursday 20 September 2018

The next Inspiring People event will take place on Thursday 20 September 2018.

Lunchtime Forum - Performance and Development Review

The next lunchtime forum will be on Performance and Development Review and will be held on Thursday 19 April at 12pm.

Lunchtime Forum - Support Staff Promotions

The next lunchtime forum is on Support Staff Promotions and will be held on Friday 9 March at 11am.

Lunchtime Forum - Academic Promotions

The next lunchtime forum is on Academic Promotions and will be held on Tuesday 10 October at 12pm.

Athena SWAN newsletter 9: February-March 2019

The latest issue of the Edinburgh Clinical Medical School Athena SWAN newsletter.

Upcoming Unconscious Bias workshops

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion are running a series of Unconscious Bias half-day workshops for staff.

IAD training workshop “Managing your Research Teams”: essential training for staff with managerial roles.

Ensuring PIs and management staff are trained for management and development of staff and knowledgeable about necessary policies and procedures.