Athena SWAN
Athena SWAN

Athena SWAN Inspiring People 2

On the 31st May 2016 QMRI was host to the outstanding Athena SWAN Inspiring People 2!


The keynote speakers (Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Linda Holliday and Tom Welton) gave wonderful talks on their astonishing careers, on the recent progress of the MRC and RCUK in enabling everyone to be eligible for grants, and about how improving equality and diversity is all about making your department ‘the best’.

Career stories from Luke Boulter, Farhat Din, Mohini Gray, Emily Gwyer Findlay and Evi Theodoratou were amazing, open and honest and gave a real insight into challenges at various career stages.

Cathy Abbott and Karen Chapmanspoke about how the Edinburgh Clinical Medical School gained the Athena SWAN Silver Award; going forward,Susan Farrington and Carmel Moran have now taken over as Co-Chairs of the self-assessment team (SAT). The Award lasts for 3 years, so continued impact of policies in place is required for renewal.

Videos of the keynote lectures are available below.

Athena SWAN Charter covers women (and men where appropriate) in:

  • academic roles in STEMM
  • professional and support staf
  • trans staff and students

In relation to their:

  • representation
  • progression of students into academia
  • journey through career milestone
  • working environment for all staff

The conference was organised by the Athena SWAN Organisational Culture Self-Assessment Team (chair: Julia Dorin), and supported by the Deaneries of Clinical Sciences and Molecular, Genetic & Population Health Sciences. Thanks to all speakers and Professors Hilary Critchley and Nick Hastie for chairing.