Athena SWAN
Athena SWAN

Lunchtime forums

We regularly hold lunchtime forums providing useful information on a particular subject, as well other special events.

Details of upcoming events or links from past events (and the slides) can be viewed below:


On 22 January 2020 - Poppy Kemp, Assistant HR advisor will discuss:

Professional Services Staff: Career Development

Seminar Room 4, The Chancellor’s Building at 12 noon - Book via Eventbrite



On 5 December 2019 -  Callum Watson, Senior HR advisor will be joined by  Professor Lorna Marson and Professor Lesley Forrester to discuss:

Academic Progression: becoming a Professor

  • University Academic Promotions Sharepoint Page - HERE (This is the link to all the forms, templates and promotion profiles)
  • MVM Guidance on Academic Promotions: HERE (This link is where the timelines for 2020 will be posted when they have been finalised)


On  2018  - Pauline McLeod Senior HR Advisor CMVM

Support Staff Promotion – what you need to know


Pauline McLeod from HR has explained the promotion process within the university on a number of different occasions now in the past two years, each time followed by one of our eminent female academics who spoke about their personal experiences. The below slides are from the latest repeat of this event held in October 2017.


On 22 October 2015 Elspeth Wedgwood (HR) gave an overview of the policies that exist to support staff and students with caring responsibilities.


On 17 September 2015 a special event was organised by Martyn Pickersgill (Edinburgh Medical School) with presentations from two guest speakers Euan Adie (founder of and Paul Naish (publisher at Taylor & Francis). They introduced altmetrics and discussed how it can benefit academics.

Vimeo - Career Progression, Equality & the Role of Altmetrics


On 6 October 2015 and again on 3 February 2016 Prof Philippa Saunders (Director of Postgraduate Research, CMVM) and Prof Ian Dransfield (CIR) presented at a Lunchtime forum entitled “Let’s talk about vivas – how to run a successful viva”


On 2 June 2015 Marie Leadbetter from Mentoring Connections gave a presentation about the What, Why and Who of Mentoring.


On 20 January 2015 and again on 9 March 2016 Elspeth Wedgwood from HR gave a talk on what is involved with the Performance and Development Review (P&DR).


On 9 June 2014, 28 January 2015 and again on 19 May 2015 Elspeth Wedgwood from HR gave an overview of flexible working policy within the university.


On 24 September 2014 Elspeth Wedgwood from HR gave a talk on the processes involved in recruiting academic staff.


On 29 October 2014 and again on 21 January 2015 Jennifer McCluskey (Research Liaison manager with Finance at central UoE) gave a talk on Grant Finance Management.