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Alongside the steering group, our wider self-assessment team comprises two subcommittees.

Steering Group

Members of the Steering Group

Alongside the Edinburgh Clinical Medical School Athena SWAN steering group, we have two subcommittees made up from our wider self-assessment team, namely the Career Satisfaction and Progression subcommittee (CSP) and the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion  /  Athena SWAN  subcommittee (AS-EDI).

These two subcommittees have different remits, but both are focussed on improving the ability of everyone irrespective of their gender to achieve their potential within Edinburgh Clinical Medical School. 

CSP - Career Satisfaction and Progression subcommittee

Our remit is to promote Career Satisfaction and Progression for all staff and to ensure it is fair for all genders.  

The way the committee works is: 

1. The core group, attend quarterly meetings and make decisions about which actions to prioritise and how to get them done.

2. All members receive email correspondence after each meeting with a request to volunteer to do something, once in a while.  

Thus even if you can’t attend meetings you can pledge to get involved in one (maybe two) actions per year.

The idea is to be more action-focused, without removing the opportunity for analysis and collaboration. 

The CSP subcommittee agenda is focused around gathering and evaluating data on equality within the recruitment, mentoring, appraisal and promotions processes (for all staff members) and within the postgraduate student experience.

This will determine where action is needed and provides data for the AS award submissions. 

CSP Contact: Sue Fletcher-Watson (

Members of the CSP subcommittee

AS-EDI - Equality, Diversity & Inclusion / Athena SWAN subcommittee

In 2018 the Organisational Culture and Support (OC&S) subcommittee merged with locality based Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) groups at those sites, to create a new  Equality Diversity Inclusion / Athena SWAN (AS-EDI) subcommittee, where the agenda is focused around ensuring that the culture of Edinburgh Clinical Medical School is inclusive and that there is equity in our workplace for all genders.

We now have locality based AS-EDI  sub-committees at Central; Bioquarter and Western General Hospital.

EDI-AS Contacts:

Bioquarter Equality, Diversity and Inclusion / Athena SWAN:

Contacts: Fiona Strachan ( OR Emily Gwyer Findlay (

Western General Hospital Equality, Diversity and Inclusion /Athena SWAN:

Contacts: Dee Davison ( OR (

Central Equality, Diversity and Inclusion/Athena SWAN

Contact: Martyn Pickersgill (

Members of the EDI-AS subcommittee