Mathematics MSc Programmes

The MSc experience: Views from recent graduates

Views from recent graduates about their MSc experiences of Statistics at Edinburgh.


Danielle Notice (2020)

Danielle Notice

One of the things I enjoyed most about studying Statistics with Data Science at the University of Edinburgh was the mix of statistical theory and applications which gave me knowledge useful both in a professional setting and in an academic environment for even higher studies. I appreciated that the course options allowed us to study aspects of data science, at a level that matched our computer science experience. Also, the dissertation projects were consultancy-style projects which put a very practical spin on the studies I'd done in the prior semester.


Nia Jenkins (2020)

Nia Jenkins

After completing a bachelors in mathematics and then working as a data analyst for two years, I became increasingly interested in statistical modelling and data science. Therefore, I decided to enrol on the MSc Statistics and Operational Research course to expand my knowledge and allow me to pursue a career in data science/statistics.

It has been an extremely challenging year. The course has definitely pushed me but I have learnt a huge amount in a very short space of time. It was great to be taught by professors who are leading researchers in their field and to obtain knowledge in such a broad range of subject areas. I’ve met some amazing people who have been a great support throughout and who have become life-long friends.

There’s no doubt that the course from a uni with such a great reputation has opened many doors and allowed me to pursue the career that I always wanted. Plus, Edinburgh is a beautiful place to live and somewhere that will always feel like home.


Philipp Barthelme (2019)

Philipp Barthelme

After finishing my undergraduate degree in economics and an internship as a data scientist I realized the MSc in Statistics with Data Science would be the right choice for me. It gave me the opportunity to get a more solid and formal background in statistics while only lasting one year.

I particularly enjoyed that we were able to select courses from multiple schools as my two favourite courses turned out to be Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition offered by the School of Informatics as well as Genetic Epidemiology offered by the Medical School. I also enjoyed the good mix between theoretical content and more practical skills (e.g. the Python course) and multiple courses were based on Assignments during the semester which were often more open ended and enjoyable than exams at the end of the semester.

The support from the university and professors is very good, almost all lectures were recorded so that we could watch them again in our own pace and there were lots of opportunities to ask questions during tutorials. Moreover, the career service is great giving lots of support by organising events and individual meetings.

Finally, Edinburgh is a great city with amazing pubs which offer plenty of opportunities to meet other students from all over the world.


Amalie Fabricius-Vieira (2015)

The MSc in SOR, at the University of Edinburgh, proved to be the right investment for me, both with respect to the acquisition of technical concepts and as a life experience. You will get training in theoretical contents, but you will also be able to learn how to transfer this background knowledge into real world applications. The quality and support of the teaching body and the positive attitude amongst students, where the class is like a family, provides an excellent working environment.

The MSc in SOR will always be an excellent option for those who want a high level of theoretical background with objective training on the application of theory to the real world. Moreover, holding an MSc in SOR you will be well placed in the market, with potential opportunities in a wide range of areas.


Lino Ferreira (2018)

After completing a first master’s in economics and working briefly in that field, I became interested in statistics and its applications to the life sciences. I enrolled in the MSc in Statistics with Data Science with the goal of receiving solid training in modern statistics and machine learning to prepare me for this change in career path.

From the first day, I found the atmosphere at the School of Mathematics to be friendly and welcoming. Induction events allowed us to meet other students as well as the staff in an informal setting, and throughout the year the faculty were always very approachable.The programme provided a variety of core courses in statistics, with an emphasis on practical applications and programming. Through the different assignments and projects I gained substantial experience in data analysis, and I feel that this hands-on side of the master’s was one of its most valuable components.

A good selection of optional courses was also made available, including relevant courses from other departments. I particularly enjoyed taking machine learning courses at the School of Informatics and I believe that the opportunity of studying in these two departments (Mathematics and Informatics) simultaneously sets this programme apart from other postgraduate degrees in statistics.

To conclude, the extensive training in statistics and data science that I received as part of this master’s, combined with the great reputation of the university, has opened doors to many exciting and varied opportunities, both professional and for further study, and all this while living in the beautiful, vibrant city of Edinburgh!


Michaelino Mervisiano (2017)

I believe achieving MSc in Statistic with Data Science at University of Edinburgh is the best experience of my academic career. 

First, it has strengthen my core in theoretical statistics and enhance my ability in advanced data science problems. I acquired advanced proficiency in applying state-of-the-art data mining, modeling, and forecasting in era of big data. I also developed various software skills to support a variety of analytics applications.

Second, it has effectively built my leadership and communication skills which includes developing prominent practical solutions and understanding the relationship between research and analytics implementation.

Third, it has been an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience. The staff provides a great deal of academic support. The professors were very responsive and informative. I met so many people from different countries, which was an unbelievable experience. I found friends for a lifetime from all over the world and it definitely broadens my horizon.

Therefore, I view that SwDS program is the perfect combination of research and innovative technologies but includes the fundamental of mathematics to make the degree unique! It will align with prospective students who have a deep passion in quantitative analytics and interest to compete in the market of big data era.


Nagisa Sugishita (2016)

After finishing my undergraduate degree in Systems Engineering, I wanted to develop some more analytical skills, and I decided to pursue a MSc in SOR at the University of Edinburgh. Through this intensive one-year program, I found that SOR was an ideal place to study both statistics and mathematics.

First, the atmosphere in this course was very nice and cozy. Students gathered from all over the world (like me), and created a stimulating social environment for each other both inside and outside of the university. All the faculty members were also quite supportive and approachable. Additionally, a carefully designed curriculum met my broad interests and enhanced my knowledge effectively. I wanted to learn theory while also seeking practical skills. I also thought that combining statistics and mathematics would be a great advantage in academic and industrial fields. This program provided a wide variety of optional courses, and thereby provided opportunities to pursue my specific academic goals perfectly.

The MSc in SOR at the University of Edinburgh definitely broadens its students' horizons. If you want to develop analytical skills in statistics with a strong background in theory, this is a suitable program. The master degree at the University of Edinburgh will be a great asset in your life, which will ensure your future success.