Mathematics MSc Programmes


The Statistics and Operational Research MSc provides expert training to become a Statistics and OR analyst with excellent career opportunities or a foundation for PhD study.

Applications for study in 2016-17

Due to strong competition for places on the programmes, offers will now be made on the basis of the best applications received by the end of June 2016. Until this date, feedback on applications will be given and offers will be made to the very best applications.

Statistics and Operational Research

Statistics and Operational Research provide methods for structuring, modelling, solving and analysing a wide range of practical problems.

Studying for a Statistics and Operational Research MSc will enhance

  • communication, interpersonal, mathematical and computing skills
  • career prospects in areas of industry such as biological, environmental, medical and pharmaceutical, government, the financial sector
  • PhD possibilities

You will enjoy Statistics and Operational Research if you like solving practical problems, analysing the results and seeing the solutions implemented.

Financial Aid

The MSc Programme has funding from the School of Mathematics to encourage the best UK and EU students to study Statistics and Operational Research. We will offer the best UK applicants a funding package of full fees and a stipend of at least £3,000. In addition, well qualified UK applicants can expect to be offered funding towards their course fees and may be offered some living expenses. Well qualified EU applicants can expect to be offered funding towards their course fees. Note that there is no need to apply separately for this funding, despite the following statement in the application form: "This does not constitute an application for funding from the University of Edinburgh".

Note that all Scottish and non-UK nationals of EU countries may apply for one of the University's Highly Skilled Workforce Scholarships and, if unsuccessful, are eligible for a £3,400 loan from the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS).


Why study in Edinburgh?

  • Edinburgh University is a world class university, with highly prized degrees.
  • The Statistics and Operational Research MSc is taught by award-winning subject experts from the School of Mathematics and many external academics and industrialists.
  • Many companies have offices in Edinburgh and many students go there for projects.
  • The City has recently been judged to be the best place to live in the UK. It is the capital of Scotland, a United Nations World Heritage Site, and hosts the world's biggest arts festival.