Mathematics MSc Programmes

How to Apply

How to apply for the Statistics and Operational Research MSc.

Applications for study in 2018-19

First application deadline: 31st January, 2018. We strongly recommend you submit your completed application as early as possible, particularly if you are also applying for funding or will require a visa. We may consider late applications if we have places available.

Due to high demand, the school operates a number of selection deadlines. We will make a small number of offers to the most outstanding candidates on an ongoing basis, but hold the majority of applications until the next published selection deadline.

Further information regarding the application procedure and link to the online application form are available at the University's website:

If you wish to study part-time over two or three years it is recommended that you discuss the practicality of doing so with the Academic Selector Note that part-time study is not generally possible for non-EU nationals. Applications are made online via our EUCLID system:


Note that only one reference is now required. If you graduated within the past 3 years then this should be an academic reference, otherwise an employment reference is sufficient. During the application process, it may appear that the details of two referees are required but this can be circumvented by entering the details of a single referee twice.