Mathematics MSc Programmes


The School of Mathematics offers two MSc programmes in Statistics: Statistics and Operational Research, and Statistics with Data Science. The School founded and leads the Centre for Statistics, which unites quantitative researchers from across the University Edinburgh and beyond.

In an increasingly data-driven world, Statistics takes a key role in making sense of data within a rigorous mathematical framework and interpreting the corresponding results obtained. Thus, it continues to become an increasingly important science of relevance in all areas of modern businesses, government, academic research etc. We offer two MSc programmes in Statistics within the School of Mathematics, providing training in this important area, and in an area of increasing demand. Each program has its own distinctive focus but with the common aims of developing the analytical, computational and modelling skills of students within a rigorous mathematical/statistical framework.

The MSc Statistics and OR provides a core focus on the natural combination of analytical skills; while the MSc Statistics with Data Science provides a strong foundation in the basic discipline of Statistics with additional breadth in mathematical sciences and computing. In addition to the academic content there is also an emphasis on the interpersonal and communication skills which are key for a future career in industry and further studies and research.

Statistics and Operational Research MSc

Statistics and Operational Research provide methods for structuring, modelling, solving and analysing a wide range of practical problems.

Statistics with Data Science MSc

The Statistics with Data Science MSc programme is designed to train the next generation of statisticians with a focus on the newly recognised field of data science. The syllabus combines rigorous statistical theory with wider hands-on practical experience of applying statistical models to data.

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Royal Statistical Society