Mathematics MSc Programmes

Reading list

The books below offer valuable background reading and preparation for the Operational Research programmes.

Background Mathematics

The two Engineering Mathematics texts below are written in a relatively readable style. The editions below are the most recent, although older editions are just as good. If you are not confident of your mastery of some of the basic Mathematics skills then you are advised to work on the corresponding material in these books.

  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics, E. Kreyszig, John Wiley & Sons, 9th edition. ISBN-10: 0471728977
  • Modern Engineering Mathematics, G. James, Prentice Hall, 4th edition. ISBN-10: 027373413X

General OR

Both of the books below cover large amounts of the core OR courses, as well as other fundamental OR skills. It should be worth buying one of these texts and it will be valuable to have started looking at it before you begin the programme.

  • Introduction to Operations Research, F. S. Hillier and G. Lieberman, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 9th edition. ISBN-10: 0071267670
  • Operations Research: Applications and Algorithms, W. L. Winston, Brooks/Cole. ISBN-10: 0534423620