Mathematics MSc Programmes

Student Prize

Information about former Operational Research MSc prizewinners.

Until 2013-14 there was a prize of £1,000 for the best performance on the Operational Research MSc. Although the prize lost its sponsor, we continued to recognise our top student(s). Since 2015-16, the School of Mathematics has funded two prizes of £500 for the students with best performance on the Operational Research MSc programmes.

List of past awardees:

Year Winner(s)
2005-06 Chris Dent
2006-07 John Faben and Daniela Zenteno Langle
2007-08 Andrew Thompson
2008-09 Pablo Gonzalez
2009-10 Stuart Douglas
2010-11 Christian Klein and Tim Schulze
2011-12 Alexander Banks-Watson and Ian Wallace
2012-13 Remco Bras
2013-14 Graeme Taylor

Jakob Kisiala and Paul Seip


Ivet Galabova and Peter Rayers

2016-17 Diego Beas Lagos, Roland Hales, Marion Lemery and Marios Loizou
2017-18 Meeke Roet and Lukas Wienkamp