Mathematics MSc Programmes

Roland Hales, OR with CO 2017

Testimonial from Roland Hales, OR with CO 2017 student

Roland Hales (2017)

After studying primarily pure mathematics in my undergraduate degree, I wanted to learn more practical and applied skills, which led me to studying for an MSc in Operational Research at the University of Edinburgh.

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing courses, so you can really tailor the programme to your individual interests, whether that be optimization, data science, statistics or anything else. Personally, I discovered that I particularly enjoyed the optimization courses, and so during the year I changed my programme to OR with Computational Optimization.

One thing I really loved about the programme was the international make-up of the students, because it meant that everyone had their own unique perspective and areas of expertise, making working together really enjoyable. Moreover, the lecturers were all very enthusiastic and willing to help, especially in the labs or workshops that accompany the lectures, and this meant there was always lots of support whenever I had questions.

Studying this programme definitely helped my career prospects, and I am now using many of the skills I learned at Edinburgh in my analytics job in the airline industry. Despite the applied nature of the programme, most courses still possess a strong theoretical component, which has prepared me well for a PhD, should I opt to undertake one in the future.