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Marion Lemery, OR with CO 2017

Testimonial from Marion Lemery, OR with CO 2017 student

Marion Lemery (2017)

Marion Lemery
I studied mathematics amongst other disciplines in the first two years of my undergraduate degree in France, and then did a Masters in Business. In the last year of my degree, I specialized in data analysis and management. I was introduced to topics related to operational research, and felt strongly attracted to that field and its research community, which lead me to study this MSc in the University of Edinburgh. I am very happy with that choice.

The MSc in Operational Research with computational optimization allowed me to discover and practice various aspects of optimization, and to get a strong and consistent foundation in that field, which brings together mathematics, programming, and real-life operational decision problems. The first semester focuses on fundamentals of operational research and optimization, while the second semester allows for specialisation and offers a variety of directions to study OR, whether applied or theoretical. I took mostly optimization courses, but the choice of courses would allow anyone to tailor the MSc to their preferences - I don't remember two students having the same combination of courses. Finally, the dissertation project was a challenging opportunity to apply the knowledge gained during the year on an actual research project. The environment was also a very positive point: the students were from many different countries and backgrounds - creating a very enjoyable diversity, and the academic community involved in teaching (international too) was passionate and helpful - transmitting their interests to us. The MSc is challenging and has a high workload, but it is worth it.

I am now in the first year of a PhD in the same OR and Optimization group of the school of Mathematics, with a focus on energy applications. Through the MSc, I acquired the knowledge and skills to start doing research in optimization, and the work done during the dissertation project was a good start for my PhD.