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Lukas Wienkamp, Operational Research 2018

Testimonial from Lukas Wienkamp, Operational Research 2018 student

Lukas Wienkamp (2018)

Lukas Wienkamp
With my undergraduate degree in mathematics being of primarily theoretical nature, I wanted to pursue a master’s degree focussing more on the actual application of mathematical techniques to solve real-world problems. The wide selection of up-to-date courses and its practical orientation made the MSc in Operational Research at the University of Edinburgh the ideal choice.

After covering the basics in the first semester, the programme allows for specialisations in various areas such as Data Science or Risk. I decided to choose most of my classes and also my dissertation project from the field of (integer) optimization. While the theory was well explained in the lectures, I particularly enjoyed the many lab sessions and projects during the semester. Using different programming languages and software packages, we had the chance to directly apply the methods discussed in class to numerous problems from finance, logistics and telecommunications.

It was especially this high amount of continuous assessment and coursework which made the programme as intense as described in all the student testimonials. However, teamwork was always encouraged, and everyone tried to help each other out. With students coming from all over the world and all kinds of academic backgrounds, the OR class was a great group of people to be part of.

To top it all off, the commitment of this programme’s teaching staff is truly outstanding. The lecturers are very friendly, approachable and go out of their way to answer all your questions and support you with your studies.