Mathematics MSc Programmes

Diego Beas Lagos, OR with Risk 2017

Testimonial from Diego Beas Lagos, OR with R 2017 student

Diego Beas Lagos (2017)

 Having worked for 3 years in the banking industry, I realized the high contribution that people with good quantitative background make in developing new and better regulation standards. This led me to look for a MSc degree where I could apply mathematics in solving real life problems. After searching deep, I found the best choice was the Masters in Operational Research at the University of Edinburgh. Having finished this Master’s degree, I can confirm that this choice was the perfect one.

This programme allows students to have both a strong mathematical basis in optimization and apply these techniques in different real situations. Since in the second semester you can choose the courses that best fit your interests, you are able to specialize and go deep in those topics which will be the foundations for your future career. Personally, as the big data environment we live nowadays requires knowing and applying new and more proficient optimization algorithms, I chose courses in this field. Thus, you can tailor the program as you wish which is a desired feature when you study an MSc.

Finally, students of this program come from different places and backgrounds. Some of them will become your friends with whom you will not only share experiences and have fun, but also create a good support group for those intensive periods the masters has, which are indeed almost along all year.