Mathematics MSc Programmes

Choosing a School of Mathematics MSc programme

The School of Mathematics offers a suite of MSc programmes in Operational Research, Statistics, Mathematical Finance and Computational Applied Mathematics. To help you distinguish them and identify the programme that is most suitable to you, here is a general overview.

Operational Research and Statistics

There are six programmes with Operational Research (OR) or Statistics in the title.

The first three of these Operational Research programmes have the same core courses. The "with" degrees allow students to give their OR studies a theme that suits their particular interests and aspirations by choosing appropriate optional courses and dissertation project. The OR with Data Science programme has fewer core OR courses and one core statistics course. The specialised Statistics and OR programme has a broader core, consisting of key courses from the OR programme, together with fundamental courses in statistics. Statistics with Data Science has a broad core of statistics courses preparing students for optional courses in data science and further statistics.

Mathematical Finance

There are three programmes in the area of Mathematical Finance.

The Financial Modelling and Optimization MSc is a dynamic programme that blends core Financial Mathematics theory and Optimization techniques. It is expected that its graduates will not only find employment in the financial sector, but also in areas of the industry such as the energy markets, where modern financial tools and optimization techniques are used.

The Computational Mathematical Finance MSc is a new programme which delivers high quality training in the theory of Mathematical Finance with a strong emphasis on computational methods.

The Financial Mathematics MSc provides an intensive training in the mathematical ideas and tools vital to the finance industry. By developing essential new mathematical concepts, especially in stochastic calculus, and placing the mathematics in the contexts of financial markets, derivative pricing and credit risk, the course equips students for a range of exciting and potentially lucrative career opportunities.

Computational Applied Mathematics

There is one programme in Computational Applied Mathematics