Mathematics MSc Programmes

Links with Industry

The Computational Mathematical Finance MSc includes seminars from people in the financial services industry and many summer projects are carried out in conjunction with financial services companies.


The MSc in Computational Mathematical Finance provides graduates with the essential skills needed to enter the financial services and insurance industries in a variety of quantitative analysis or risk management roles. The degree is also an excellent preparation for anyone wishing to embark on a research degree in particular in computational finance or stochastic analysis.

As a student you will benefit from rich interaction with professionals from the financial services industry. This interaction exists on many levels. In particular the School runs Financial Practitioner Seminars, each student takes a Special Topics / Industrial Topics course and for the summer project there is the possibility of doing this as a placement in a company.

Finance Practitioner Seminars

These are talks delivered by people working in (or with significant experience of) the financial services industry. Typically the talk focuses on an interesting problem they are solving or have solved as part of their work. These seminars are open to MSc students (as well as PhD students and academic staff).

Special Topics / Industrial Topics

During the 2nd semester each student takes a module called “Special Topics” where an industry expert presents a real world problem and, as part of the course, the student solves the problem (theoretically as well as providing computer program doing the relevant computations).

Summer Projects with Industry

As part of the MSc students have to complete a significant independent research project that over the summer, after 2nd semester exams are completed. Each year a number of projects are offered by the financial services companies to our MSc students. This is done in cooperation with the Scottish Financial Risk Academy. Examples of the past projects our students worked on are listed below: