Mathematics MSc Programmes


Entry requirements for the Computational Applied Mathematics MSc.

To be eligible for a place on the Computational Applied Mathematics MSc you must have at least an upper second class degree, or its equivalent if outside the UK, in a numerate discipline such as (but not limited to) mathematics, engineering, computer or physical sciences. Previous study of applied mathematics, probability and differential equations at university level is required. Previous programming experience, including the use of computer programming in studies at a university level, is required.

Greater detail of the background needed to succeed in the MSc is given in the following sections.

Mathematical Skills

See the Mathematical Skills section for information about the type and level of mathematics that you are expected to have seen as part of an earlier degree.

English Skills

If your first language is not English or your first degree is not from a British University, you will need to provide evidence of your ability at spoken and written English.

See the English Skills section for details of what is required.

Computing Skills

It is important for an Applied Computational Mathematics practitioner to be able to use computers fluently to model and analyse new problems. This will involve programming in a high-level language.  Applicants should have  the following as part of an earlier degree:

  • an undergraduate programming course (in any language e.g. MATLAB, C, Java, Python, Fortran) passed with a good grade
  • an understanding of flow control
  • the ability to use methods / functions