Mathematics MSc Programmes


How to apply for the Computational Applied Mathematics MSc programme.


Entry requirements for this programme are detailed on the Postgraduate Degree Finder.

All students on the programme are required to have a certain level of mathematical, computationalĀ and English skills described in detail in the eligibility section. Note that to apply it is not necessary to satisfy the English language requirements at the time of submitting your application. An offer conditional on providing a satisfactory language certificate can be made.


Note that only one reference is now required. If you graduated within the past 3 years then this should be an academic reference, otherwise an employment reference is sufficient. During the application process, it may appear that the details of two referees are required but this can be circumvented by entering the details of a single referee twice.

Applications for study

Applications are made online. Apply for full time study via the Postgraduate Degree Finder.