The 26th Annual Conference of the International Environmetrics Society 18th-22nd July 2016

Short courses

Details of one-day short courses Sunday 17 July

The conference will be preceeded by two short-courses each lasting one day.  The courses will run in parallel on Sunday 17 July  at Heriot-Watt University.  Further details about course content and prerequisites can be be obtained by following the relevent links below.

Each course carries a charge of £100 which, if you are attending the conference, is payable at the same time as registration and accommodation fees.   If you wish to attend ONLY a short course (and NOT the conference), please contact for details about how to register and pay for the short course.  

Future Sustainable Ecosystems: Complexity, Risk, Uncertainty

Presenters: Dr. Nathaniel Newlands and Prof. Alexander Brenning

Practical Bayes for Beginners

Presenters: Prof. Kerrie Mengersen and Dr. Erin Peterson