The 26th Annual Conference of the International Environmetrics Society 18th-22nd July 2016

Invited sessions

Current list of confirmed sessions

Biodiversity measures and modeling I 

Giovanna Jona Lasinio and Alessio Pollice (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy and Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro, Italy)

Biodiversity measures and modelling II

Ruth King and Ayesha Ali  (University of Edinburgh, UK and University of Guelph, Canada)

Change-point methods and their applications to environmental data 

Stereos Fotopoulos (Washington State University, USA)

Circular data in Environmental sciences

Giovanna Jona Lasinio (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy)

Ecosystem Services

Ron Smith and Jan Dick (CEH, Edinburgh, UK)

Environment and Health

GRASPA/Alessandro Fassò & Michela Cameletti (University of Bergamo, Italy)

Environmental criminology

Jorge Mateu  (Universitat Jaume I, Spain)

Environmental Official Statistics

Alessandro Fassò and Angela Ferruzza (University of Bergamo, Italy and Italian National Institute of Statistics, Italy)

Environmental Risk

Leyls Bravo and Grace Chiu (Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela and Australian National University, Australia)

Extremes for climate and environment I

Liliane Bel and Ruth King (AgroParisTech, France and University of Edinburgh, UK)

Extremes for climate and environment II

Liliane Bel and Ruth King (AgroParisTech, France and University of Edinburgh, UK)

Functional data

Grace Chiu, Claire Miller, and Marian Scott ( Australian National University, Australia and University of Glasgow, UK)

Methods for Temporal or Spatial-Temporal Environmental Data

Sylvia Easterly (University of British Columbus, Canada)

Models for Dependent Data with Environmental Time Series Applications

Ying Zhang (Acadia University, Canada)

Quantifying Environmental Benefits

Grace Chiu, Ron Smith, and Jan Dick (Australian National University, Australia, CEH, Edinburgh and CEH, Edinburgh)

RSS Glasgow, Edinburgh and Environmental Statistics Section Session

Claire Miller and Ron Smith (RSS Glasgow Chair and RSS Edinburgh Chair)

Sensors and the environment

SECURE/Marian Scott (University of Glasgow, UK)

Spatial and/or spatio-temporal modelling of environmental processes

Alexandra Schmidt (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Spatio-temporal modelling of disease risk

Duncan Lee (University of Glasgow, UK)

Statistical Climatology

Peter Craigmile (The Ohio State University, USA)

Statistical ecology

Ruth King (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Statistical learning for environmental and geoscience prediction problems and uncertainty quantification

Vasily Demyanov and Mikhail Kanevski (Heriot Watt University and University of Lausanne)

Statistics for massive environmental data

Jorge Mateu (Universitat Jaume I, Spain)

Uncertainty Quantification in Environmental Prediction

Thordis Thorarinsdottir (Norwegian Computing Center)

Understanding of High Dimensional Environmental Data

Alessandro Fassò, Francesco Finazzi, and Lelys Bravo (University of Bergamo, Italy, Italian National Institute of Statistics, Italy, Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela)

Vector-borne disease mapping

Luigi Sedda (Lancaster University, UK)