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Sources of Volunteering Opportunities

Here are a variety of ways you can volunteer. Find an opportunity that interests you and make contact.


If you’re a member of University staff wanting to volunteer during your normal working hours, make sure you use your Day to Make a Difference as well as annual leave or other arrangements.

It might be useful to think about four different categories of volunteering in order to narrow down your search: 

  • You want to volunteer as a team or department. Maybe you’re planning some team-building activities or alternative festive celebration? Volunteering is one way to do it. 

  • You already volunteer with local communities. In this situation, you may just be looking to make use of your Day to Make a Difference (if you’re staff) or to get recognition through the Edinburgh Award. 

  • You’re new to volunteering and need to start from the beginning. You may want to spend a good bit of time seeing what’s out there. 

  • You have specific skills and experiences you want to share.  Can you offer communities something it may be hard for them to find and fund? Developing job descriptions, writing business cases, fundraising, social media and sporting expertise are just some examples.

Below are some useful resources to help you find a great volunteering opportunity. In addition, make sure to use social networking sites to find opportunities local to you. Many neighbourhood support groups were setup in response to initial Covid-19 lockdown restrictions and are still active. 


Volunteer Scotland

Volunteer Scotland is Scotland’s national centre for volunteering. 

Volunteer Edinburgh

Volunteer Edinburgh has been helping people in Edinburgh find volunteering opportunities for over 45 years. 

Reach Volunteering

Reach Volunteering is skills-based, e.g. pairing the right volunteer to support a charity as a trustee, on short term projects or with an ongoing commitment. 


If you find an organisation or an issue you are particularly interested in you can always contact EVOC directly. The EVOC Red Book is an online directory of third sector organisations and services in Edinburgh. 

Project Scotland

For people aged 16-30, Project Scotland may be able to help you find an opportunity. 

City of Edinburgh Council

You can also find some opportunities via the City of Edinburgh Council's Volunteering Service