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Our Community Plan

Our Community Plan 2020-2025 sets out 32 practical commitments the University of Edinburgh is making to our local communities.

Video: Community Plan 2020-25
Overview video for the University of Edinburgh's Community Plan 2020-25.


Foreword from Lesley McAra

The University of Edinburgh has always been closely intertwined with the City of Edinburgh and its local communities.

What we did in year three

What we did in year three
Progress all of us have made in the third year since publishing the Community Plan, from the period November 2022 until October 2023.

The 32 commitments

Leith Crops in Pots project, 2018
We have worked with the community to come up with 32 commitments that we promise to deliver on over the next four years. 

Highlights 2016-19

Community Grant project, About Youth
We have made great progress in the few years since our initial Community Engagement Strategy was approved in 2016, but we know we need to go further and redouble our efforts to ensure the University is integrated into the city and its communities.

Get involved

Whether you are a student, member of staff, community member or community organisation, there are ways for everyone to get involved.

Community case studies

Bids invited for local impact grants
Here are a selection of community case studies that the University is proud to be involved in.

Delivering on what we promise

Edinburgh skyline from Calton hill
The University is committed to carrying out the actions of this plan between 2020 and 2025 and, as a University plan, it will require the whole institution to live up to these commitments.

Meet the team

Information on members of the Community Team and the Community Board.

Download the Community Plan as a pdf