Edinburgh Local

Reporting for grant holders 

We want to build relationships with our funded community grantees and so would like to keep in touch with you during the grant period, and perhaps beyond. 

There may be times during your grant period when we also need contact with you.  We’re also aware that there are many demands on your time and will therefore aim to have proportionate and appropriate contact. 

We need to hear from you if: 

  • For whatever reason, your project cannot proceed as expected and you need to make changes to what you set out in your application. 

  • The budget you included in your application needs to be changed. 

  • You won’t manage to complete your project within the time frame given in your application.  Please let us know and we’ll discuss a more suitable project end date. 

  • The named contact for your project, or their contact details, changes. 

  • We get in touch with you for any reason e.g. asking to meet up with you (virtually or in person) to find out how your project is progressing, and to offer you the chance of having your work promoted through University channels. 

These, and other requirements, are set out in the Terms & Conditions [hyperlink] you signed at the time of agreeing to a community grant payment. We will contact you using the email address provided in your original application, and will send one reminder email if we don’t hear back from you. 

Mid-project contact 

We are likely to get in touch with you mid-way through your project to arrange for our Communications Manager to have a virtual or in person meet up with relevant staff from your organisation. This is to find out more about your funded project and to update you on university activities that may be of interest to your organisation.  You can see examples of previously funded projects on our website and selected case studies 

End of project report 

We provide our grantees with a short template report and ask for this to be completed within a month of the end of your project.  We also ask that you provide us with receipts or other proof of expenditure.  If you can’t manage to complete the project report within the time frame, please get in touch with us. 

The information you provide in the end of project report can help us identify common themes and can be important in helping us shape the University’s community grants scheme. All reports are read and are very useful to us. 

We may share some of the end of project information you provide with other University staff, on social media and, from time to time, may also share information externally, with other funders, third sector organisations and statutory bodies, but with all identifying details anonymised.  If there is anything we cannot share publicly (e.g. due to safeguarding or GDPR), please make this very clear in your report. 

Download the 'End of Project Report' form.

Acknowledging the University 

We ask grantees to add the University logo (that will have been provided with the payment approved email) to any project-related publications and, if you are mentioning the grant funding on social media, please tag the University so that we can re-share. The appropriate handles are:  

Twitter:  @EdinUniLocal,  

Facebook:  @EdinUniLocal  

Instagram: @edinburghunilocal

If you would like to acknowledge the University in your communications, here is an example of a line you can use: This project was made possible thanks to a grant from the University of Edinburgh's Community Grants. 

Terms and Conditions

Please make sure you have read our Terms and Conditions before completing your End of Grant Report. 


For the last couple of years, we have been hosting events to enable community grantees to connect with each other and the University, with a view to sharing information, learning and common concerns. 

We also pass on details of anything we consider may be relevant to our grantees, e.g. other funding opportunities, or University events that may be of interest. 

If you would like to be kept in the loop, please give us permission to add you to our email list (ed-local-grantees@mlist.is.ed.ac.uk). You are also invited to join the community grantees Facebook group. You are encouraged to post to the email list and Facebook group as well as receive messages – the network is there for you to use. 

Getting in touch 

If you have any queries about your grant, please email us at local@ed.ac.uk  We are currently all working from home and don’t have access to office phones, so please email us and we can easily arrange to call you from our personal phones. Please don’t use social media to contact as about anything important relating to your grant as these are not checked for messages as regularly as our email address.